07 Jul Sri Lanka & its must-taste specialties

Sri Lanka, also called the pearl of the indian ocean is an ideal destination with its verdant landscapes, historical monuments and its magnificent beaches. That’s not all, visit is a thing, eating is another especially when it comes to taste new flavors… We’ve listed what you absolutely must try !

The dishes are often spiced… Beware !

Rice & Curry : the base

Sri Lankan national dish, it is made of rice accompanied by several small doses of different kind of curries, and among them we find dishes as :

  • A fish, chicken or beef curry
  • A salad as gottu kola mallum
  • Yellow lentils (paripu)
  • A red beets curry
  • A sweet potato or potato curry
  • A green bean, zucchini or eggplant curry
  • Chips as papadam

The dishes coming with rice can be numerous, depending on your host or the restaurant. In Sri Lanka, we eat well…

Our favourite address  : Lucky Fort Restraurant | Parawa street | No 7, Galle 80000, Sri Lanka

Appa or hopper  

A dish, which is eaten at any hour. A crispy crepe with coconut milk that is eaten nature with a curry sauce with vegetables or sambol (chili-based condiment). The appa is also eaten with an  egg in it (bittarra appa)… Yum!

For a sweet touch, we tried with Nutella and it was delicious, they usually do not sell Nutella appa so you will have to either take away the nature appa and buy some Nutella at the supermarket or make some at home.

Our favourite address  : Street market | Ella, Sri Lanka

Indiyappam or string hopper  

A dish that is generally eaten in the morning… Yes in Sri Lanka they are more salty in the morning ! Looking like spaghetti but rice flour-based, the indiyappam can be eaten with yellow lentils (paripu), a potato curry or sambol.

Our favourite address  : Pilawoos | 417 Galle Road, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Kottu roti

An excellent dish that will please you… A basic roti (comparable to a pita), eggs, vegetables, onions, spices and meat (chicken, beef or mutton) : all these elements are chopped and ready to eat… A must !  

Our favourite address  : Chooti Restaurant | Sigiriya Rd, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Fried rice

A dish that you will often find in restaurants, a basic to enjoy at least once. You can choose between fried rice with chicken, beef, seafood, vegetarian or shrimp. It is a rice and vegetable dish : you choose the meat !

Our favourite address  : The Kandy Garden Cafe | 9 Sangaraja Mawatha, Kandy 8, Sri Lanka

The Devilled : a must

Just thinking about this dish make us hungry… Similar to a Chinese cuisine dish, it is made of different meat or fish : shrimp, chicken, squid, lamb, pork, beef…

Our favourite address  : Chill Out Restaurant | 139a Lewis Place, Negombo, Sri Lanka

Wattalapam : the exotic flan

As mentionned before, in Sri Lanka they prefer sour than sweet, and for that reason there are no much desserts especially compared to France and its gourmet pastries. However, this flan with coconut milk, cinnamon, sugar palm and sometimes cashews is a feast.

Our favourite address  : Upali’s | 65 Cww Kannangara Mawatha, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Wattalappam du Sri Lanka

Kiribath or coconut rice

A typical Sri Lankan dish made of rice, cooked with coconut milk. It is served as a slice of cake and is accompanied by lunu miris, a spicy condiment. It is eaten on special occasions such as for Sri Lankan New year, and often in the morning.

Info : the kiribath is a plate prepared at home, and so it’s (almost) not sold outside, if you have the chance to be invited, you might have some.

Kiri peni 

A very common dessert with curd buffalo milk and sugar cane. This dessert may seem strange, but it is delicious, to taste for sure ! Having tasted it, we compared it to a yogurt with a caramel sauce… Want to try ?

Our favourite address ♥ : Ella Curd Shop | Main street, Ella, Sri Lanka

Curd and honey du Sri Lanka


The famous Sri Lankan liquor, is comparable to whiskey. Coming from the distillation of the coconut flower nectar. This local liquor is mixed with beer or coke, well if you want to mix it of course ! You can buy alcohol in specialized shops as “liquor shops”. You will also notice that women are rarely buying alcohol, indeed it’s not well-seen and it is kind of prohibited for a woman to buy some, except for foreign women…

We’re nearly sure that you’re hungry right now… Not surprising ! As you guys we want to book a ticket to Colombo and leave right now if possible to taste those marvelous plates. Here we go to the pearl of the indian ocean…

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