20 Apr Sri Lanka’s tea country

Sri Lanka is an island
located in the indian ocean. Known for its incredible cultural heritage and its luxurious nature. It will fit the lovers for a perfect honeymoon and it will either be great for a familty trip.

Cultural sites, natural ones and Sri Lankan traditions make this island an ideal destination for a “discovery stay”. Indeed, there are many places to visit all over the island. Moreover the traditions are very important in Sri Lanka and tea is  one of them since the 19th century.

Sri Lanka is today, one of the largest tea producers in the world with a production of 300 000 tons per year. The principal tea of Sri Lanka is the Ceylon tea. Tea valleys are incredibly large in Sri Lanka. Hectares of tea countries surround the town of Nuwara Eliya. You can also admire these valleys during a train ride. The most famous tea country is the Bogawantalawa one.

The Bogawantalawa tea country in Sri Lanka

This tea country is also called the “Golden Valley tea”.  Previously, coffee plantations were there. In 1865, en epidemic devastated the valleys and so today we have tea plantations instead.

Tea country

What is surprising in this valley is not the impressive area of tea plantations but the climate. Indeed, it is awkward. It can rain on one side of the valley and not in the other side at the same time. Surprising right ?

In the Bogawantalawa valley, the humidity is very high and it’s favorable for the tea plantations. The climate is irregular from one day to another. Therefore, the tea flavor is not the same depending on the weather.

Where to stay near the tea country

Through the tea valleys, you’ll find hidden villas with incredible views of the lake or the surrounding mountains. Four pavilions will charm you for sure : Norwood, Summerville, Castlereaght and Tientsin.

These four pavilions are fully renovated old houses of the 19th century. At the time they welcomed British people who managed the tea plantations. Today, these luxurious pavilions kept their colonial charm. There are many rooms and suites with confort. You will also find beautiful swimming pools and will be able to relax after a long day.

Tea country

If you’re planning on staying in one of these pavilions, you’ll be able to enjoy the magnificent gardens and an incredible view. You will also have the opportunity to do various excursions as the tea plantations and factories. You will learn the history of Srilankan tea as well as how the manufacturing has developed. You will also be able to see tea pickers and admire the fauna and flora of the island.

Sri Lanka is a cultural destination but it is also about nature. natural sites are what makes the island beautiful. In order to discover Sri Lanka’s wonders, do not hesitate to make a circuit. Between culture, nature and relaxation your journey in Sri Lanka will be full of unforgettable memories.



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